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Associate Pastor - Position Description


The primary purpose of this position is regular work with members of the congregation and community. The position works closely with members of the congregation, the Pastor/Head of Staff, the Director of Music, and the First Presbyterian Church Session. The AP works with committees as assigned. In addition, the AP is expected to participate in the life of Grace Presbytery.


The position is accountable to the Session through the Head of Staff as supervisor, and through the Personnel Committee (which reports to Session). An annual performance review will be conducted in accordance with procedures and policies established by First Presbyterian Church of Richardson.


  1. Supervise the following ministries: Christian Education and Outreach
  2. Coordinate other ministry duties with the Pastor/Head of Staff
  3. Monthly preaching duties and other services as assigned


  1. Supportive of a collaborative, interdependent staff model
  2. Resource for all ministries and committees
  3. Minister to members of First Presbyterian Church


  1. Excellent oral and written communication skills
  2. Minister of Word and Sacrament/ Teaching Elder in PCUSA
  3. Multi-cultural sensitivity
  4. Excellent interpersonal skills
  5. Good administrative skills


  1. Ability and desire to function as part of a staff team
  2. Self-motivating, able to prioritize time and to organize tasks effectively
  3. A sense of humor
  4. Ability to take ministry seriously without taking him/herself too seriously
  5. Confidentiality and discretion
  6. Adaptable, flexible with the ability to relate to people with a variety of interests/opinions


A performance review will be conducted within 90 days from the date of call and thereafter at least annually. Reviews will be conducted by the Head of Staff according to Session policy and in consultation with the Personnel Committee. Adequacy of compensation will be reviewed annually.


  • Minimum $45,000 per year effective salary (salary and housing)
  • Social security offset
  • 2 weeks continuing education with $1000 allowance
  • $1000 Professional Expenses allowance
  • 4 weeks vacation


June 1, 2017

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Last Published: June 14, 2017 11:43 PM
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