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Upcoming Youth Events @ FPCR

Feb 16: Hockey game and ice skating 5:30 pm. Family Event!
Fab 24: "Minute to Win It" youth group, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

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Allen Americans hockey game » Feb 16, 7:00 p.m.

All ages are invited to attend the Allen Americans Hockey Game and post-game ice skating. Tickets are $15/person. Reservations required.

To car pool, meet at FPCR at 5:30. Ice skating after the game, skate rental available. The theme is Harry Potter and folks will be dressed up in their best wizardry gear.  Please email or by February 1.

Register at Kroger's and Amazon for FPCR

Don't forget that you can register for a percentage of your purchase at Kroger's and Amazon to come to FPCR, with those funds earmarked for the renovations. Sign up at your local Kroger supermarket near you and on for the Amazon Smiles program. Call the office if you have questions.

Other News

Earth Care Congregation

In helping with our "Earth Care Congregation" program, parents, help your children respect God's creation by avoiding their becoming part of our "throw away society." In the words of 16th Century Astronomer Johannes Kepler, "Nature uses as little as possible of everything." Perhaps we might do the same?

College Ministry at FPCR

Are you interested in volunteering to help implement a College Ministry? With the assistance of Ukirk Ministries, a Presbyterian College program that provides resources and directions to congregations that want to have a college campus presence. Visit or contact Pastor David at to learn more and participate.



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